Digital photographyStarting with digital photography, all you need is a good digital camera with these minimum features.

  • Mega pixel
  • Zoom
  • Lens
  • Memory.

When you have the camera,

First and foremost you need to do is to read the manual for its features and specifications and know thoroughly about your camera. Don’t be afraid to try all the features mentioned and see how they work.

Take about a hundred snap shots, which may include some unwanted snaps. You can make mistakes and correct them. This will help you with the menus, focus, and zoom of the camera.

Holding the camera also plays a vital role. Do not shake the camera while taking the snaps. When you cannot avoid shaking, try to go for cybershot camera. It offers shake proof snaps or use a tripod which will minimize the shakes of the camera.

Check for proper lighting. Every digital camera will have an in-built flash. All you have to do is make use of this facility. Cameras not offering this facility can be used by external flash facility, which is an additional accessory with the camera.

Zooming is another way of making digital photography interesting. When you have a view finder with zoom facility in your camera, the photography becomes easier. Finding a specific person or an object and clicking that specifically will be interesting.

Another main advantage of digital camera is it provides a preview of the picture you have taken. You can delete the unwanted shots in preview. Knowing these tips will yield you as good digital photographer.


When travelling or just starting on a trip, all you need to carry with you is:

  • Additional battery or charger: Additional batteries are required for them who are outing in evacuated places such as forests, deserts and mountain places. Battery chargers are best solution because these batteries may exhaust after a time period or have less life time.
  • An external flash: For night and indoor snaps, when the internal flash is not enough. [Camera Flash]
  • Additional Memory card: You can’t always have your PC to store the pictures you shot. So, have an additional memory card with you to replace with the present card.
  • Digital camera bag: This maintains the digital camera in proper condition without getting scratches and can place additional accessories at one place.
  • Digital camera tripod: This will reduce the shakes and allow you to take different angle photos. Go for a foldable tripod which will not occupy much place.

Digital photography book:

Not just clicking makes your work complete, storing your snaps is also a big deal. Digital photography book is replaced by digital photography album.

After a trip or a trail of snaps, you can collect all your pictures, group them, match them, categorize them and store in a directory or a folder on your computer hard disk.

There are also some online software packages which can organize them; you can even add captions and date. This makes searching easy when you are finding for one specific photo.


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