Here are some engagement photo ideas you will love. Getting engaged is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event and it’s a great opportunity to capture it with some creative photos.

Engagement photos usually end up being a lot more sentimental and important than most people realize as they can ideally reflect the couple as well as their love for each other.

They can also be used for things such as the guest book, invitations, and wedding program. Engagement photos give couples the chance to creative unique images that can be cherished forever.

Engagement Photo Ideas To Make Your Day Memorable

Since you’re going to be in the photos, you really need to find a good photographer that you can trust and one that is willing to listen to your own engagement photo ideas instead of taking control of the situation themselves. Remember, this is your special moment and the photos are to please you, not for the photographer to just add to his or her portfolio.

When you’ve decided on a photographer, it’s the time to have some fun by getting creative and taking some memorable shots of your engagement. You need to decide on the photo’s overall look and feel and if you want to use a specific theme or several of them to reflect your personalities.

You then need to choose some ideal locations for the photos. These could be scenic places or sites that represent a special meaning to your relationship.

These could be places such as where you first met or had your first date and your favourite restaurant, beach, or park. You could also choose to select a location that has nothing at all do with your favourite spots such as an old junkyard or abandoned warehouse, etc. Aren’t these some great engagement photo ideas?

When you’ve picked the locations, explore them for different angles, but don’t be afraid to change spots and stop somewhere at the spur of the moment. You should plan on what you want to wear and take a change of clothes if you like. Your clothing can also reflect your personalities.

Once the engagement photo session starts it’s a good idea to act naturally rather than try to pose for every shot. You may want to experiment with serious poses, fun ones, and some romantic shots to get a good mixture of images. Don’t be afraid to show affection with some kissing and nose-rubbing etc.

The main thing is to have fun when having engagement photos taken and enjoy the whole process.

Don’t look at it as a job or chore, view the event as a time to share your love for each other and as a way to commemorate the special occasion with special photographs. These engagement photo ideas are really a good thing to start with.


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