If you’re planning on taking your camera with you while traveling, remember that some countries use different electrical voltage systems. This means if you try and plug your camera’s battery charger into the wall in a foreign country it might not work without the aid of an electrical converter or adapter.

The plug could very well fit into the wall receptacle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s drawing power. Some countries use the same size of plugs and receptacles, and if they do, you may need a converter. If your plugs don’t even fit into the receptacle you will at least need to use an adapter.

An electrical adapter comes with a set of prongs on it that enables you to plug it into the receptacle. However, it can’t convert an electrical current. If your battery charger or other item is 110-240 50/60 cycle then it will work as long as you can plug it into the receptacle.

Here an adapter is all you need. If your electrical device is made for a different voltage than the receptacle, you will need to use a converter. For example, a converter can change the current from 110 volts to 220 volts or vice versa.

Your electrical devices should have this information printed on them. Make sure to use the proper adapter and/or converter for your camera equipment or you could cause serious damage to it. You may find yourself needing several types of converters and adapters when you travel, depending on the voltage in the countries you visit.


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