engagement shootTaking photos of a happy couple that are so much in love can be so interesting.

This time you are shooting something that is real and you want that love to reflect in your pictures.

There has to be a difference in your engagement photos and a model couple just promoting a product.

It’s quite fun and an experience that you wouldn’t mind repeating.

As you shoot the couple, encourage them to show affection. Encourage them to be less rigid and to be less aware of your presence. Let them be more aware of themselves and what they feel for each other.

Posing for an engagement photo does not always mean that you should stand in certain stance positions like there is a director shooting his movie. So encourage them to let their feelings burst out onto the photos.

One trick to engagement shoots is to know your couple. This way you feel free and comfortable around them and likewise on their part.

It allows a lot of tensions to be released and a photographer-client relationship can be established. It’s supposed to be fun for all of you. Once you are all in the spirit of love and laughter, you will not go wrong with the perfect photos.

Your photos should tell a story. So once you have established this openness between you and the couple, you have to pull out the air around them and include it in your photos.

Your photos should say something about the couple, for example if they have known each other all their lives, you should be able to portray that relaxed atmosphere in your work.

Be open to suggestion. Remember that these are their photos so they will have ideas of their own. You can work up a great idea by developing a suggestion, so work together; don’t just tell them what to do unless it’s the way they want it to be.

Don’t try playing the expert here and act like you know it all. Team work is the best in producing any results. You might learn one or two new tricks.

Your shoots should show and reflect intimacy, whether it’s a peck on the cheek or a simple kiss capture those moments. Encourage hugs, waist holdings and so forth.

Encourage them to slip into their own little world and be less aware of your presence. These moments are easy to see if they are real or just people posing for a picture. It must not be technical, but real.



  1. Good article with very informative tips to take engagement shots.I will be applying this very soon.Thanks for sharing…

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