In our days that photographers have the possibility to take as many shots as they would like. This represents both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the bright side the learning curve is a lot faster, but people hardly learn from their mistakes so they keep shooting without care for the composition.

Professional Photography Vision

The Light

As a photographer, you have to be able to play with shadows and light. Be able to assess the light around you and the effects it has on your subject. The more you know about the quality and quantity of light, the better you will be with your composition, regardless of the circumstances.

Composition Rules

One of the easiest ways to lead the eyes of the viewer is to use the depth of field. This is something that will require consideration; you have to decide what you want to focus on and where the eyes should wonder. You can easily lead the eyes with the help of lines on your photos.

Just More Rules

The most well-known rule of photography is the rule of thirds. This will tell you where to position the subject. Naturally, this is a rule that you could break, but it has to be intentional and you have to know what you’re doing. Color is another important compositional tool. If you have strong colors that would distract the viewers, you might want to turn the picture into black and white.

Negative Space and Patterns

If you use negative space in the right way, you can put more emphasis on your subject. As a photographer you have to be able to recognize patterns. While it might be interesting to take photos of them, it may be more appealing to take photos of everything that breaks the rule.

Less is More

You can create interesting photos by leaving out all unnecessary elements. Often the photographers include too much in the frame. Anything you leave out will break the image. You have to learn what’s truly important and leave out all the rest.

Get Closer

Even the most ordinary objects become extraordinary once you get close to them. This is why you should frame these objects tight. When you think you are close enough, you should make one extra step to get out of your comfort zone.

There is a lot beginner photographers have to learn in order to fully master the art of photography.

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