black and white photographyDecades ago black and white photographs were the only type of images available and people couldn’t wait to use color when it was first introduced.

In the same way that color television caused so much excitement, seeing images as they really are was once a real revelation to everyone.

Interestingly black and white imagery is used for more effect these days and still has a lot to offer the budding photographer.

Just because your digital camera takes in color does not mean that you have to produce them in it too.

Pictures without the distraction of color often show more detail and creates a much more evocative atmosphere. It often captures emotion much stronger than all the varied colors of the rainbow.

Look at any old photograph and it will instantly have a different effect than color. Just as the movie Schindler’s List used the contrast of a little girl in a red dress against a purely black and white film it is the light and shade, often so stark that makes for a gritty sense of drama.

Experiment with your pictures, try converting from color to monochrome, look for the difference affects you can create. Do not assume certain objects or people look better than others; let the eye lead you to what is best.

From striking landscape photographs to intense portraits, it is remarkable what imagery you will be able to perfect. Do not just leave it on your computer, make some art for your house or even greeting cards to send, have fun and see what you can do.


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