Casinos have a very strict policy on the use of cameras. Simply stated, you are not allowed to use them at all inside the gaming areas. There are many reasons for this. One of the more important ones is that they don’t want you taking pictures of their customers. Maintaining customer confidence is a very important part of casino policy, as there is a huge potential for blackmail. Certainly high rollers don’t want to be photographed, in fact you aren’t even allowed to take a mobile phone into high stakes casino areas. It is interesting to note that if you view casino images on the web, for instance searching in Google images, you will find that apart from certain posed shots and shots of casino games, there are very few casino pictures showing people.

security-cameras-for-casinosAnother reason for not allowing cameras is the possibility of cheating with them. There have been several instances of people using mobile phones for cheating at roulette. The camera is used to record certain aspect of the casino wheel and ball and software can turn that into a realistic prediction of where to ball is more likely to fall. It is a little more complex than it sounds, for instance you need to modify your phone to include an infra-red sensor, but it can be done and as a result casinos have lost large amounts of money.

Another totally no-go area is Google Glass. There is no casino in the world that will allow you to wear and use Google Glass, which isn’t very surprising. In addition to being able to photograph and video any person or anything that was going on, Google Glass opens up many possible ways of cheating. The favourite of these must be the roulette wheel, it would be very easy to develop an application that would predict the sector of the wheel where the ball would land in from the information that could be provided from the Google Glass camera.


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