digital pictureNothing is more attractive than a photograph taken in a room where the only source of light is a candle.

The effects are genial and the romance is pushed to the maximum.

Taking such pictures with a digital camera can create a magnificent imaging where shadows and nuances will leave without words any person that looks upon it.

Still in order to create such a beautiful thing you have to know certain base rules.

The flash is not allowed in such scenery because it will destroy the purpose of the candle. The candle magic can be captured with the camera only in the absence of the flash light.

A tripod is recommendable for these types of pictures because a delicate job like this will need a camera with an inserted shutter at a low speed in order to capture the most of the light. In these conditions any slight handshake will ruin the picture.

The candles’ position is very important because they are the only source of light. Inside the photograph the light plays the most important possible role and in conclusion they are on the first place on the priority list.

If we want the picture to contain powerful shadows the candles should be grouped but if we are looking for a delicate, random light they should be dispersed.



  1. I never tried taking digital pictures in the candle light.Great set of tips. I am excited to try a couple of candle shots this weekend for sure!

  2. I got my first woodwick candle set about five weeks ago, I’m still having trouble figuring out how to burn it correctly but I think I’m getting better.

  3. I am a new visitor to this site and want to let you know that I love it. I just subscribed to your rss feed and look forward to more of your great posts.

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