With digital cameras it is becoming easier to get the perfect photo, yet there are plenty of finer points that add a lot of character to the pictures taken. When taking a picture it would serve well to remember that the background, foreground and other elements are equally important as the subject of the photograph.


Framing a picture lends plenty of character to it and also defines it more clearly. It brings in more charm to an otherwise plain picture. Frames may be a natural part of the picture or can be incorporated by editing two photographs together.

In the above photograph the door frame has been used to frame the picture. A tight cropping of the photograph works at drawing the viewer’s attention to the main subject of the picture. A slight blurring of the background could have been used to increase the emphasis.


The tree in the foreground has been used to frame the picture of the bridge in the background. It almost gives the feeling of peeping into another world.

When taking a picture check out if there is something that can be naturally used as a frame for the subject. If one is not to sure about the use of frames, they can try clicking two pictures, one with and the one without a frame. The difference will be marked and no doubt the framed picture will win hands down.


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