One of the must-have most important gadgets to own is a digital camera. Do you know how to use it? What are its functions? This digital photography for dummies questions are just some that many beginner photographers want to know the answers to.

For people like you whose idea of good and quality shots are just how you took them, then what you need is this little crash course intended just for you– basic digital photography for dummies.

Your digital camera is a complex tool with even more complex features. Digital photography for dummies begins with knowing one’s camera.

Are you aware that your cameras can store to as much as a thousand pictures? Or that your cameras may be adjusted according to your desired shooting distance?

Storage and Memory

A digital camera has an internal function that allows it to reduce its resolution just to accommodate more images. However, this will also result to a reduction in the photo’s quality.

Opt for a camera with higher mega pixels to get the best details. In order to accommodate more storage capacities, memory cards may be used such as smart media and compact flash.

Extending Battery Life

Digital photography for dummies will also help you understand that your camera’s batteries will provide power for only a maximum of four hours.

Thus, to maximize your battery’s life span, always put off your cameras when not in use. Use a memory card reader when transferring pictures from your camera to the computer.


Did you know that digital cameras can figure out the most suitable exposure through its auto settings? Digital photography for dummies -like you and me- may not know of this.

However, most cameras have this facility allowing it to shoot on its own. Whenever you want your photo to be a little darker or brighter, always set the exposure compensation.

Get the Right Focus

Digital photography for dummies will also teach you that your device is equipped with an auto focus mode. Sometimes, problems will arise especially when the camera had focused on the background by mistake instead of the subject.

Well, when that happens, digital photography for dummies will tell you to just simply delete these photos. Make another shot until you have the right pressure. All it takes is practice.

Zooming/Camera Flash

Two of the most commonly used facilities of the camera are its zooming device and its flash. A simple lesson in digital photography for dummies will tell you that the key in correctly using the flash is to first know its limitations.

Be careful though, because built in flashes are ineffective especially when the subject is a few meters away.

When it comes to zoom, you can easily control whether you want your subject to be closer or far from you. You can also zoom in and out your subject. Now, that’s another noteworthy topic digital photography for dummies should tackle.

Digital photography for dummies is a subject that is all about getting to know your device the first time. It is about knowing what your camera can offer and how you can make the most out of it.


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