baking cataloguesWhen thinking about a baking catalogue, one can’t help but wonder how it looks or how it should look.

Let’s just say that the latest advancements in the field of digital photography will make anyone feel like baking and eating.

A brief while ago when the era of digital technology started, with it began the amazing era of digital photography. Ever since, every wonderful image that appears in a magazine, in the paper, on the Internet or on TV is a digital one.

The advantages that this technology offers in the field of photography are enormous. Digital enhancement, easy montage, color accent, light manipulation, they are all just small parts of this impressive art.

Therefore today’s marketing cannot be imagined without it. Photographed the right way everything could look appealing and convincing, even better than seen with the naked eye.

When it comes to baking and baking catalogues, digital photography is the real deal. With enough light positioned on the right spots you can get wonders. Closely positioned white light under a 45-degree angle will make all the textures appear on the photo.

As mentioned, with the right light focused on the right spots you can get every little detail to be visible. And that is what it is all about when making a baking catalogue.

The details are the one that make something look appealing and that makes them important. They make the photograph colorful, they make the texture appear on the cake, and they simply make the cake come to life inside of a picture. And that is the actual purpose of a baking catalogue.

The photo must produce a sort of an esthetic experience, so those that will see it will be able to smell or taste the baked cake from the photo without actually coming in contact with it.

Carefully designed, the catalogue will be a feast for the senses passing the eye perception barrier into a land of wonders.

Another goal that needs to be achieved is to create an effect through the photograph. The image will have to look appealing but on the other hand it must not look as if a professional baked the cake.

On the contrary, it has to say that it is not hard to bake it, and everyone who sees it should be encouraged to try and make that cake following the recipe because the picture has convinced them that it looks delicious and it is not hard to make.

So, a professional photograph must not look as taken by a professional baker. It might be misleading and the photographers must be aware of this when they are making a baking catalogue.



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