There are several European photographers that were called the masters of the digital art. Their advice is useful for anyone who entered the world of the photography.

One of them is the English professional David Ward. According to him, the European photography has its differences with the American one.

In Europe, the digital art is more focused on evocation than description. The photographer, eminent for his abstract images pointed out that the European pictures are less dramatic, while the light is quieter.

The Swedish photographer Hans Strand also has marked the differences between the digital art in Europe and the U.S. His opinion as a professional is that the Americans admire more landscapes, while Europeans are more focused on finding lyrical objects.

The photographer also praised the American style of photography, because he said in Europe you are only considered as an artist if you have education for it, while in the U.S. art and talent doesn’t require a diploma to be appreciated.

The Eastern European photographer Maciej Duczyncki is from Poland and his images are very different even from the common European style. He pointed out that Eastern Europe art is a lot different from the American one.

He said it isn’t possible to live from landscape photography, if you are living on the Balkans or Eastern Europe. There the art is more materialistic and focused on the people than on the landscapes.


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