Every photographer knows how to click photographs! How about adding variety to the mundane photography! If you are having a photo shoot, do you like all your photos to look the same?

Mundane Photos

You give a different style to each photo and do not want any photo to match with other photo. So, as a photographer, you must also think in the same pattern and make sure that each of your photos varies from the other. This article is a glimpse of different creative ideas to make the photo shoot interesting and adding variety to the photos.

Adding varieties to the photo shoot:

Focal lengths: When trying to bring variety to your shots, why don’t you try clicking pictures in different focal lengths? You can vary the focal length by zooming towards and backwards from the object. By changing the focal length, you are changing the depth of the field and lowering the unnecessary blurs in the photos.

You can also stand at a distance away from the subject and still zoom and click the images. If you stand away from your subject and click images, then you can make the subject to feel comfortable about the shot as anyone can worry the sight of camera before them.

Change angles: Do you look the same from every angle? No one looks the same from different angles. So, why don’t you show different angles in your photo shoot. Some people look good from side angles while some people look great from top angle.

So change the angles and try different shoots. If your subject is not movable, then you can change the angle in your shooting. You can lie down and click the subject from a down angle or click pictures from top angle or even you can sit on your knees and click the images.

Try formats: Have you ever explored your camera and came to know about different settings and formats. So, try clicking pictures in different formats and settings. There is no rule that you should not click the portrait picture in different format. Normally you click the images horizontally and vertically but clicking the images diagonally is also a different format and can add variety to the pictures.

Explore modes: You must have seen the different camera modes; landscape, portrait, night, indoor, sports etc. Try clicking the images in different modes. Set the camera in indoor mode and click portrait pictures adjusting the zoom; this is a variety in portrait shot. You can set the camera in landscape mode and click an indoor photograph.

Exposure modes: The digital cameras which are being released now are having this mode. This mode supports the photographer to take a single shot in different modes and exposures without any adjustments. You can take multiple shots with different modes in just fraction of seconds.

Play with flash: You always thrive to give proper lighting to the photograph. Think differently and turn off the flash where flash is important, adjust the ISO and see the difference with the shots where the lighting is inadequate. Turning the flash off gives a variety to the normal shots and maintain the clarity in the picture with ISO adjustments.


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