War is hell and always a horror for everyone involved in any way. The best way to avoid war is to remember what it is like.

This year’s Deutsche Börse Award recognized three unique contributors to the photography world who brought images of war to the world.

sophie ristelhueber photography

French photographer Sophie Ristelhueber has worked battlefields from the West bank to Turkmenistan.

She has filmed bombed bedrooms and children peering through barred windows as if they were prisons.

Zoe Leonard took another twist and stayed away from the depressing and painted a portrait of American life with her images, and Donovan Wylie’s thought that evoking images of Maze prison in Ireland brings to mind a failed domestic policy and memories of darker days.

The award is an international one and the finalists are all awarded £ 30,000. Their work is displayed in the Photographer’s Gallery just off Oxford Street in London. The studio is renovating and will be closed but the improvements will help both the studio and the award earn a great deal of status.



  1. There are no true winners in any war, and images like these serves to remind one of that fact. I really respect the brave men and women who risk life and limb to bring us these images. They are true heroes in my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

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