In freelancing digital art there is one name, which is almost legendary. Danny Outlaw, also known as the best freelancer in this area, produces the best items for sale in digital photography.

dannyIn one of his opinions over freelance work in design Outlaw shares his views for this certain area.

According to him, the best produced designs are those, made for different clients. The designer himself never repeated his work for the same clients, because he believed that amazing work of art come with the experience of changing perspective.

The freelancer projects, according to Danny depend on two major keys- quality of the work and quality of the clients.

The more projects the freelancer has the better are the chances to improve his art in digital photography.

digital artIt might sound like a cliché, but even Outlaw underlines that is important for the digital artist to constantly improve his work.

Constant work, even on low paid projects, pushes any author to make his work better and better.

The same story was with Danny Outlaw on his way to the top of the most famous freelancers in digital photography.

For those who are into freelancing area, the designer advises to seek those 20 per cent of the clients, which appreciate the good design and the fine photography. Clients like that usually return to the freelancer with new exciting projects.


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