When people are thinking about wedding photos they think that these are supposed to be orchestrated so that they will look picture perfect. In order to have unique photos, the photographer will need to have  creative wedding photography ideas.

Creative Wedding Photography Ideas

Impromptu shots

It’s alright to take formal pictures, but also try to capture the moments when the bride and the groom are goofing around. The wedding isn’t the time to give the couple privacy; now the photographer has the right to capture all the little intimate moments of the couple.

Emotions and personality

In case you are looking for creative ideas for wedding photography, just consider the personality of the participants. In order to capture emotions you might have to shoot when people last expect it. This way you will be able to capture smiles, joy, and even tears.

The big moment

When thinking about the creative wedding photography ideas it is a must to capture the facial expressions of the bride in the moment when she first sees the groom at the altar. Wedding photography should be all about capturing the true feelings and the true love of the couple, not the fake smiles.


Although people remember their wedding all their lives, there might be some details that they overlooked. So taking shots of all those small details that later will make the couple smile. In case of the bride it is a good idea to capture her when she is having her hair or her makeup done.

The family

The creative wedding photography ideas aren’t only about the couple, but also about their guests. It might be interesting to capture the reactions of the family members on the big day. It is a good idea to focus on the parents to capture their joy and pride. At one moment the parents will look with admiration to their children and that is the moment you have to capture.

The children

The creative tips for wedding photography also include focusing on the children. Try to capture the children before the ceremony because they look more put together than on the dance floor. The good news is that kids just love being in front of the camera.

Make sure that you will use these creative wedding photography ideas on the next wedding you will attend to shoot perfect pictures.

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