The best thing about photography is that you can create anything you can imagine. If you are looking forcreative lighting effects photography keep in mind that sometimes you will have to turn to technology to make your ideas come to life.

Types of Digital Camera Lenses

A superhero

Believe it or not, you can create a superhero that really glows with the help of Photoshop, of course. For this you will need to use the Pen and Marquee tools to create various forms and to create an atmosphere that comes with glow effects.

Paint with light

For this one of the creative effects for photography lighting you don’t need that much editing. You just have to lower the shutter speed and have people helping you to paint with light in thin air. This way you can write images in thin air or add an aura of light to the subjects of your photo.

Adding some sparks

When it comes to the creative lighting effects photography, it is possible you have a little girl wishing to become a real fairy. You can make this happen for her by adding sparkles to her magic wand. All this can be done using the sparkle brush that you can create in Photoshop.

Glow effects

Such effects can be used for many different things, for instance when creating photos for ads. For this one of the lighting effects that are creative for photography you will have to use the color blending and pen tool of Photoshop.


In order to make the best of the creative lighting effects photography, the first thing that you have to learn about regarding Photoshop is the use of layers. This way you can compile pictures and you can add special effects that cannot be achieved in the real world.

End of the world

You know all the photos that show how the end of the world is coming? Well, this is something that you could achieve as well when it comes to the creative photography lighting effects. Naturally this is something that you can only achieve on your desktop.

Make sure that you remember these creative lighting effects photography the next time you start editing your photos. Although some photographers don’t agree with these techniques, they are undoubtedly useful and intriguing. Just decide what kind of a photographer you wish to become and follow your path, no matter what.

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