A baby shower is a really special occasion in the life of most women as it gives them a chance to share their happiness with their friends, family and all loved ones. A baby shower is also an opportunity for close family friends and relatives to meet and congratulate to be mother. Thus this occasion can make a lot of memories which can be stored by the means of baby shower photography. Baby shower photography is an interesting photography type which can involve my experiments and creativity. The following are some baby shower photography tips.

Baby Shower Photography Tips

Start Ahead

If you want to take photos of the decoration and arrangement of the event, then the best idea is to start before the guests start pouring in. You can take pictures of the rooms, the food, the decoration etc and take time to set the perfect angles.

Try to Capture at Eye Level

While clicking pictures of the baby shower, try to get shots at eye level. Especially while clicking group shots, you should keep the photo at eye level.

Click as Many Natural Pictures as you can

For occasions such as the baby shower, you must focus on clicking natural or candid shots rather than asking people to pose. Try to capture natural expressions and reactions of the mother, for example, her expressions when she is unwrapping gifts and speaking to guests etc. In fact natural expressions of guests should also be included.

Have Fun

Don’t hold back or worry about clicking ‘not-so-good’ photographs. Try to have fun while clicking pictures and interact with the subjects while clicking their photos. Just go with the flow and try to include photos of every important event of the day such as gift unwrapping, guests’ entry, cake cutting etc.

Take Everybody’s Pictures

Make sure to click pictures of all the guests. There should be at least one picture of each of the guests and no one should be left out. Try also including as many group shots as possible.

Lighting is Important

One of the most important aspects of a good photograph is the amount of light that enters the frame. Good lighting can make an average shot look really good while bad lighting can ruin an otherwise great picture. You don’t need to use flash in the case when enough natural light is entering a frame and in fact, photos clicked in natural light turn out to be more wonderful than others.


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