The goal of all photographers is to take, crisp, clear photos that are in focus. However, there are sometimes where you may just want to mix things up a little bit and experiment with out-of-focus shots. These, of course, can be taken for the fun of it or if you’d just like to get a different look to certain scenes.

If you leave your primary subject out of focus, or even the whole image for that matter, you can often produce some very interesting and dreamy photos. It’s not hard to do and you might be surprised at how effective some of these photos might turn out to be.

If you want to focus on something that seems unimportant in the scene you can open thecamera’s aperture setting wide and this will produce a narrow depth of field. It’s a good idea to focus on an object or a person that’s behind or in front of your primary subject.

Create Dreamlike Moods with Out-of-Focus Images

This will leave your main subject out of focus while a different part of the image will be in focus.

If you’d like to make the whole photo out of focus, you can focus on something that’s well in front of or beyond the main subject.

Using a wide aperture for this method is also recommended and it’s a good idea to use the camera’s manual focus mode. If you use the auto focus, the camera will try to find something to focus and lock in on.

You’ll have to experiment a bit if you want the whole image to be blurry. If the image is too far out of focus you probably won’t be able to recognize what your subject is. The key to taking an out-of-focus photo is to still be able to recognize what’s in the image, but it’s blurry enough to create a dreamlike effect and mood.


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