In our day to day life there are multiple moments that we capture in a camera and photographs take us to a memory lane. Sometimes due to limited knowledge of photography some of images come as blurred or has red eye. Capturing perfect images is like science and there are multiple factors that need considerations. Shutter speed is an important aspect that helps you to capture amazing pictures. There are some common shutter speed mistakes which should be avoided to take a good picture and below given is the list of some:

Common Shutter Speed Mistakes To Avoid

  • Captured image has movement static

It might have happened on numerous instances that the images that you have captured appear too static. There is a “frame-freeze” shot that you have taken where all that objects appear stagnant. Such type of images can happen when the shutter speed is too fast. The faster the speed of shutter the more the objects look static! It also depends on how fast the objects were actually moving while they were being captured. The thumb rule to capture such images is to have the shutter speed set to 1/250sec and faster.

  • Images are blurry that are captured

If you get the images that are captured to be blurred mistakenly, it implies that your shutter speed is slower than the actual movement of the object that you are trying to capture. A good example to understand the speed it to turn the focal length under a fraction of one! This implies that the shutter speed should not be less than 1/30 second if the focal length of the lens is 30mm. Along with this you need to be careful and gentle while pressing the shutter button to eliminate any shaking of hand while capturing picture.

  • The images captured are overexposed

The camera sensors are exposed to light while clicking a picture. The entire duration of shutter speed exposes the sensors and as a result the photograph appears more bright than actually required. Although there could be other multiple reason of having an overexposed image, increasing the shutter speed will actually fix the problem.

  • Captured pictures are partly black

To take a natural photograph the shutter speed and the flash of the camera flash needs to be synchronized. It may happen in certain cases where the excessively fast shutter speed and faster flashlight does not match to the shutter speed. A resultant of such a combination is partly black images. Take care and sync speed of your camera flash with that of the shutter.

Take care of these tips mentioned above and you can capture priceless moments without any difficulty.

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