Today’s high-tech digital cameras can do quite a bit of things on their own, but they’re not perfect. Human interaction is still needed to take good photos thankfully. But that means you need to be on your toes when taking photos, don’t depend on the camera to do everything.

These are some common mistakes people make when taking photos, but there’s always a simple way of avoiding them.

Common Photography Mistakes Are Easy to Fix

1. Recharge your batteries
The best way to make sure the batteries have power is to charge them up the night before and take spares with you.

2. Take what you need
You don’t need to take the kitchen sink with you when you’re heading out to take photos, but make sure you have the most important things with you. Know where you’re going and make a checklist of accessories you might need.

3. Check the ISO speed

If the ISO speed is set too high it could result in noise on the images. Check the setting before you take your first shot and don’t forget to change it if your lighting conditions alter.

4. Shoot in RAW
You can always change a RAW image to a JPEG, but not vice versa. This could be important if the photos’ exposure or white balance is off.

5. Don’t delete until you’re sure
Many people check the camera’s LCD screen and then decide whether or not to keep the photo. However, if any of them are borderline, you should check them out on a computer as you might be missing something a small screen doesn’t show. Also, some shots on the LCD screen look better than they really are.

6. Lenses are the king
Remember, the lenses (not the camera body) you use have the biggest influence on your photos. If you’re going to spend money to get better quality images you may want to upgrade your lens first.


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