camera shotThe cold season is one of the best sceneries for the digital imaging. The temperature can turn into a serious problem for a photographer and there are certain measures that need to be taken before one decides to go for a photo shoot outside during winter.

The camera is better kept in its pouch and before starting to take pictures, it is best that the camera and the accessories reach the optimal temperature.

Especially the lenses of the camera will get foggy at sudden temperature changes and destroy the picture.

A 15 minute timeframe is the best choice to let the camera adjust to these conditions. The conditions of the batteries must also be considered and having a backup battery reserve is a very good idea.

It is also important to take care of your hands. Your hands will suffer from the cold if you do not protect them. The gloves have to be warm but also light so it will be easy for you to manipulate the camera.

Whether it rains or snows, or simply there is a lot of humidity in the air it is better to protect the camera at your best.

It is recommendable to have around something to wipe the camera with and also in the market there are all kind of pouches and protective materials for this type of situations.


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