digital camera sensorClean Green USA has come up with this ingenious method to clean the camera sensors and housing.

The green clean USA digital camera sensor cleaning system is an effective way to clean the camera without having to directly touch its delicate parts.

It is in the form of a mini vacuum cleaner, with a unique pick up that is shaped like a trumpet. The dirt and dust is safely set down into a mini canister.

This unique cleaning system lets the photographer clean the camera without having to touch any of the delicate sensors or other parts. This means that the camera need not be sent in for regular factory servicing. A squeaky clean sensor means blemish free images.

The cleaning system has a powerful vacuum that sucks in all the debris and dust from the   sensor or housing. After the dust has been removed, the sensors can be cleaned with the help of wet foam. The wet foam and the dry weeper sensor cleaner are part of the cleaning system.

The system contains mini-vacuum attachment, a 10 ounce canister, 3 wet foams and dry sweeper sensor cleaner and lastly an anti static cloth to polish the camera to shine.

This Clean Green system is compatible with most models of DSLR cameras. They help to keep the cameras clean and optimize the image quality of the cameras too.


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