The Christmas holiday season is coming up in many parts of the world and there’ll be family photosgalore taken at most get-togethers. This means you need to practice your photography positioning technique to make sure you take some wonderful family pictures.

When there are several people in the frame it’s a good idea to have them position their heads close together. This makes everybody look happy and friendly. When it comes to clothing try to have everybody wear solid, bright colors as things such as logos, stripes, plaids, and polka dots can act as a distraction and take the viewer’s eyes from the subject.

Try to keep the photos simple and don’t cram too much into the images as they can end up looking too messy or cluttered. When you’re taking photos of several family members or friends together try and treat them as just one subject. This will bring out the relationship between the group of people.

If you’re taking the photos outdoors, try and get the shots at the time of day that produces the best light. This could be early morning and/or late afternoon. Also, feel free to experiment and be creativewith your family photos as you know the subjects well and shouldn’t have any problem getting them to pose for you in all different ways.

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