A flash plays a very important role in taking pictures, but it is not always necessary for adding light to pictures.

There are many situations where you can avoid using a camera flash and still add lighting to a picture.

Many photographers don’t know when to avoid using camera flashes, and should take note of the bad points as well as the good ones.

  1. A flash adds a harsh light to the scene and changes true color of the photograph.
  2. If you use a fluorescent flash, it can change the colors so much that green can look blue. Using a built-in flash can make the colors of the scene look bland and lose sharpness of images.
  3. Because of battery drain, a flash is never reliable. The more you use a camera flash, the less output you’ll get as battery levels drop.
  4. Compact flashes causes numerous problems like red eye, lack of lighting for backgrounds, as well as harsh lighting. This happens when the style of the flash has a very short range.

For these reasons, it is not advisable to use a flash. However, turning the flash allows a digital camera to select more suitable settings for a floodlight stage. Such event lighting should be enough to right images without any assistance of a flash.


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