Digital PhotographyWhen searching for a personal style in digital photography, choosing a subject would appear like the right way to go for many amateur photographers looking to turn professional.

What is important to know is that picking a specific subject you are always fond of photographing, does not necessarily mean it will be the definition of your personal style in digital photography.

For some of us this can be the first step but from there, the journey to a signature style turns out to be a long way towards the creation of a perfect trip described in all the portfolios of the major representatives of digital imaging.

This signature style can be found in all of their photographs and it is the item we all hope to have when starting to feel passion for the digital photography.

For example, when you decide to take pictures of a landscape or to capture the Formula one race is a good way to practice but not the right way to develop a personal style.

For such a step to be taken you need more than taking pictures of wild animals in Alaska.

The signature style is born from taking the pictures of the favorite subject in a manner specific to your personal vision, your personal interpretation of the light, that singular and original method which creates a special frame asking for immortality.

This signature style will make the whole world see those digital photographs as your own.

It is important to know that the signature creation takes place from setting the difference between the subject and the style. The subject is what you are taking pictures of and the style is the way you are taking those pictures.

Since there are two very different things, the photographer faces two different choices. The first choice is simpler the second a bit more difficult.

The right way to go is choosing the subject before choosing the style and developing the style while concentrating on the subject. Once the style defines the subject, it can be photographed from a personal perspective and it can be developed to create a personal portfolio.

It may come as a temptation to take pictures of several subjects using the same style, this meaning that, in theory, you can refine the personal style taking pictures of a multitude of subjects in the same time.

Although this possibility can prove itself as a very effective way to efficiently develop a personal perspective, which in digital photography is the right path towards the signature, concentrating over more than one subject can become more complicated that imagined for a beginner.

The right way to go is to focus on a singular subject and let the style develop around it. This way the perspective will be a lot clearer and the signature will appear quickly.


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