It’s just natural that most people take their photos when they’re standing up. But if you take them from different types of angles the same subject can look much different and more interesting. When taking shots, you can experiment by walking around the subject and taking the images from above and from below to get a different perspective.


You can easily do this by just kneeling down. Many times, taking a photo straight on is often the most uninteresting angle possible as the subject, especially buildings, can appear to look flat. If you experiment a little bit and take a photo of one of the building’s corners, you’ll be able to spice things up by showing two sides of the building and it will give the image better depth.

Taking photos from different angles and heights is ideal when you’re photographing children, pets, and babies. Try and get down to the same level of your subject or above them and you’ll notice they will look completely different when you’re on the same level. The point of trying different angles and levels is to just experiment a little bit to give your photos a little bit more depth, creativity and fun.


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