The holidays are all about the magic of the fireworks. Here is how you can capture this beauty. The most important thing is to use a tripod. This way you will capture almost anything.

The second most important thing is the camera settings. The best setting for capturing fireworks is the white balance to daylight, especially if you are capturing JPEGs. Taking photos in RAW format is also recommendable because you can tweak and edit the colors later.

Capturing the Fireworks Beauty

Exposure is also something you should pay close attention to. Typically fireworks are bright and you can’t capture them in the dark sky without causing an overexposure. The fireworks last few seconds, so you can’t switch to a correct reading. The best thing is to set your camera on beforehand.

A camera with manual mode is a must, in case you want to capture the burst of the fireworks. The cameras on auto mode will not get you a good photo. Also turn the flash off.

When you are making the image, you need to know that the shutter speed should be long enough, in order to capture the fireworks explosion and the light trails.


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