A lot of photographers know how to create nice portrait shots or to take wedding photos. However, not as many photographers know how to capture the details of architecture. If you are interested in this matter, there are some tips that you could use to make sure that your photos will rock.

Pretty and Not So Much

One of the most important things to know about architectural photography is that not all the photos should be pretty. Your purpose should be to capture the feeling of the building. You should find a building that is more interesting than all the others. For instance, if you are in the old part of town and you see a modern building or an industrial one, this is the one you should capture.

Give it Some Space

If you are shooting older buildings, you should know that in this case the surroundings are important as well. On the other hand, in case of the modern buildings don’t need that much context. For example if you take photos of farms, the pictures will have no sense if the surroundings aren’t captured.


The Space

Even if you don’t want to capture too much space around the building, it is just normal for you to allow the buildings to have some space around them. The space is meant to anchor the building. Another thing to consider is to add characters (meaning people) to the photos to add life to them.

Telephoto Lens

In order to capture as much as you can from a building, you should use telephoto lens. In many cases this will help you find some interesting patterns on the building. If you have an array of buildings, like houses build close to each other, the telephoto lens will focus on the fact that there is little space between them.

The Fence

The Fence

The fence isn’t just for keeping strangers away. You can use the fence to frame your building. Look for settings where the fence isn’t lit too brightly and it doesn’t matter if it is out of focus a bit. All this will help the eyes of the viewer to wonder to the main attraction of the photo: the building.

The Weather

The Weather

In some cases it is best to choose a sunshiny day to add life to the photo. However, if you are interested in the details, choose an overcast day so that the shadows won’t hide the details.


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