Chronicling the growth of your baby can be the most pleasurable and yet the most difficult of tasks. Babies are not easy subjects for a picture.

When really small, it is difficult to capture them lying down and as they grow it is very hard to capture their images.

It is very difficult to catch the exact moment of their cute smiles or enchanting expressions as they are fleeting and so not in the mood to pose for you.

Most parents like to maintain a scrap book that shows their baby’s milestones and growth.

Besides the usual milestones, it would be interesting to have picture of smaller incidents like the first time the baby finds its toes.

One can also take pictures of the baby every month, besides a particular soft toy. It will clearly show the baby growing. You can also take pictures outside at a particular spot to show the baby’s development with the changing seasons.

It is not easy to catch that elusive smile, but it would make sense to clear the background of clutter before you start taking pictures. Keep in mind that the softness of the babies can be contrasted with the texture in the background.

Plain solid backgrounds work perfectly for the task. Baby pictures come out well with natural sunlight especially just after sunrise and just before dusk.

With the babies soon becoming energetic toddlers, it makes sense to opt for a digital camera as you will be finding yourself deleting most of the pictures you capture.

It may be difficult to capture a toddler continuously on the move, but with the Action mode you will be able to capture the enticing movements of your growing child.

With digital pictures you can easily share your baby’s pictures over the internet and also get excellent prints with the help of your computer printers. So if you want to make your baby a star on the web, artful digital photography is the right tool to do it.


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