If you’d like to emphasize the size of your subject, it’s always a good idea to get down low and shoot up at it. This is also a good idea when taking photos of small children and animals as it allows you to get down to their level and see the world as they do. It also can create some fine foregrounds and give viewers a new and different perspective on familiar scenes.

Much of photography is about creativity and using your imagination and that’s why photos can be intriguing when you go to the extreme. So it would just seem to make sense that if taking shots from low down can be pretty creative then taking them from high above should produce the same interesting results.

If you get above your topic or subjects you can definitely get some unique shots. For example if you’re shooting from above it will eliminate any sky and horizon from your image. This will reduce any large empty spaces and it will allow you to focus on more or different points of interest.

These types of photos will also flatten out the images because the depth of field will also be reduced and not as noticeable. This often enables the photographer to highlight shapes and patterns that can only be seen from above. There will also be fewer distracting backgrounds when taking shots from a higher angle looking down since most of the image will be the same distance away from your camera lens.

Capturing Images from Above Offers a Different Perspective

One of the most effective types of photos you can take from above is actually of a group of people. You simply get above them and have them look upwards. You can fit more people in the image this way as their faces will be visible rather than their torsos and legs.

If you try this type of photography early or late in the day you’ll also notice that the shadows are longer. This will usually enable you to capture a scene that features the entire shadow, which can be quite a creative tool. You’ll be able to see the person or object in the frame as well as the entire shadow.

You can try shooting anything you like from above and it’s often a good way to get a different perspective on well-known places, landmarks, structures, and buildings etc. For example, we’ve all seen photos of Niagara Falls by looking straight on to them, but taking a shot from the top of a tower or any other high location will produce an entirely different view. If you shoot from above when it comes to famous scenes you can often see things that you’ve never noticed before.

If you’d like to have some fun and use your imagination by shooting people and places from above, you need to be careful. You have to make sure you’re in a safe location where there’s no danger whatsoever of falling. Make sure you don’t hang over any edges and it’s a good idea to use your camera strap so you don’t drop your camera.


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