capturing animalPhotographing animals can produce wonderful results be it an exotic species lying in the bush or a fluffy kitten playing in the yard. It is, however, doubtful that you will be able to get any animal to pose for you.

If the animal you are contemplating photographing is wild make sure you are safe, even a humble goose can be dangerous.

Also ensure that you are not disturbing an animal’s habitat, in particular nesting birds or creatures protecting their young.

A good place to start is domesticated pets, your cat or a neighbour’s dog. For individual subjects a close up shot is best, because smaller animals can be lost in a busy background. Often their characteristics are better captured than from a long distance away.

A camera with a zoom really suits this genre, as you can hardly ever get close without them feeling your presence. The friendly robin is a rarity amongst birds, actually letting the photographer come near enough for a picture to be taken.

Taking pictures of animals in packs or groups usually incorporates a large expanse of scenery, which is important too. A creature portrayed in its natural habitat has great appeal and projects an atmosphere like none other.

A good photograph is all about getting the right subject at the perfect moment. If your camera is always to hand then you never miss a shot. A family of ducks waddling innocently across the road will not wait around but are a great subject for your lens.



  1. It’s so difficult to photograph animals.Really informative & very systematically explained.Ill try to take my pet’s photos this way.Thanks a lot…

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