In case you want to create a beautiful picture of a baby, this may be not as easy as it looks. Actually the baby photography requires lots of skills and patience. Finding the right angle is the key to a good baby picture. In case you want to capture the baby’s smile, get down low.


You must take the picture down on the baby level; otherwise the baby will not be looking at the camera. In case you want to create more intimate picture, use a longer focal length.


It is perfect for the close shots and you don’t need to shove a big lens in the baby’s face. Capturing a baby and its natural behavior may take some time; therefore capture the image, while the baby is nursed. While the baby has been nursing, you will have more angles for your photo.


Don’t over-edit your picture – the more natural, the better. In case the photo requires some editing, tweak the color of your image. The baby photography in Black and White format is perfect, for it looks more authentic. The black and white format is good also because it covers the blotchiness or the scratches. This format is perfect for birth shots, for it softens the entire image.


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