photographyPhotography is a very interesting hobby that many people develop after taking family snaps and genuinely getting quite good at taking photographs.

However, the pictures that you take, could reach a much wider audience and even make you a bit of money.

Paying a professional photographer can be very costly and many publications look for amateurs to fill the gaps.

Any story in any magazine or newspaper will be read multiple more times if there is an accompanying image to go with it.  It is actually pictures that really do sell newspapers.

Getting money for your work is not as hard as you may imagine, especially if you are familiar with the world wide web.

There are many web sites that are regularly on the look out for a good picture, requesting that photographers send in their work.

From graphic designers and advertising agencies, design studios there is a requirement for thousands of good pictures, many places hold an inventory of images that they then sell on, retaining the rights for the source.

It is easy to assume that professional photographers are better and therefore all photographs that are used by business come from them. But this is simply not the case many images were taken by the humble amateur, just like yourself.

Remember not to sell your holiday snaps too cheaply, make sure you put a value on your work. It is easy to be so thrilled that someone thinks that your pictures are worth buying to forget to make sure it has a proper value.


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