A bridal shower is always a big thing in the life of women, so they want to have some good photos taken at the event. For this you might need some bridal shower photography tips. There are some aspects of the bridal shower that you, as a photographer, should really focus on.

Bridal Shower Photography Tips

The Champagne

One of the things that you might want to focus on is the champagne. There is no real celebration without it and to capture the feeling of the event, think about taking some shots of the bottle of champagne and the champagne glasses along with a nice bowl of fruits.


Another aspect to consider regarding ‘the photography tips for bridal shower is the flower arrangement. Most probably there will be flowers on the tables. Focus on them, but make sure that in the background the rest of the setting is visible as well.

The Centerpieces

When it comes to the bridal shower photography tips don’t forget about the centerpieces either. In case of bridal showers these could have the form of a miniature bride. Focus on the details of the centerpieces to capture the feeling of the event.


Let’s not forget that people bring gifts to bridal showers and for sure the bride wants to have a memory of them. As one of the ideas for bridal shower photography you should capture the moment when the bridesmaids offer their gifts to the bride.

The Bridesmaids

Although the setting of the event might be interesting, don’t forget regarding the bridal shower photography tips that the main focus should be on the participants. Take some shots of the bridesmaids that don’t look too organized and also take some organized group photos.

The Bride

Keep in mind regarding the bridal shower photography ideas that there is nothing more interesting than the bride. Make sure that you take a lot of pictures of her. Capture the moments when she expresses true feelings of joy or surprise to make the pictures look alive.

As you can see regarding the bridal shower photography tips, all elements of the bridal shower are important and there is nothing you should skip. Just think about the things that you would like to remember about your bridal shower and you will know what aspects to focus on during the event. Also think about the priorities of the participants.

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