If you are into bird photography you should know that you may have chosen the most difficult kind of wildlife photography. In order to get things right you might be interested in bird photography tips and techniques which will ensure the success of your shots.

Bird Photography Tips and Techniques


Birds are usually shy and skittish, so you will have no second chances of taking a shot. It is a must to have a fast drive mode DSLR camera with an advanced focusing system. Also it is best to have fast lens of at least 300mm, otherwise you will have to get very close to the birds.


In case you are looking for bird photos’ techniques and tips you should start working at areas with a lot of woodland. Here you will find woodpeckers, chaffinches, or blue tits. In grassland you might catch a glimpse at red kites, pheasants, and skylarks, while the wetlands are home to avocets and lapwings.

Study the Bird

When it comes to bird photography tips and techniques, the first thing you should do is to get familiar with the behavior of the bird. This way you will be able to anticipate their next move. As a result you will have higher chances of taking good shots.

Circle of Fear

All photographers interested in tips and ideas for bird photography should know that all bird species have a circle of fear. There are some birds that you can get to a distance of 3m, while others will fly off if you get closer than 30m. This is something that you should know in advance.

Clean Backgrounds

In order to make the best of the bird photography tips and techniques, you should make sure that you have a clean background for the picture so that there will be no distractions and the viewers will be able to marvel at the true beauty of the bird.

Use your Creativity

You may know about all the tips for bird photography and ideas but if the photos aren’t original and creative, they will just be average. Think about taking a shot of the silhouette of a gull in the sunset or a peregrine falcon fishing in dawn.

You should use only the bird photography tips and techniques that seem suitable for you and that are a part of your personality so that your photos won’t seem forced or artificial.


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