photographyWith the new technological developments in digital cameras, the common problem of camera shake, one usually encounters while taking photos can be corrected.

The blurring effect we get on photos is, in most cases, due to the insufficient light or arm instability while taking the shot, and normally this can be taken care of with the use of a tripod.

With digital cameras one tends to stretch out his or her arm to get a better view on the LCD screen, this will only add the shaking effect on the final result.

If you do not make use of a tripod to keep your camera still, then remember to use both hands in order to have a firm grip on your digital camera.

For more stability try using your right hand to hold the camera firmly and place your forefinger gently on the shutter release button, with your right thumb gripping the back, be careful not to hold the camera too tightly for this will make your hand shake.

Your left hand should normally be the hand that supports the weight of your camera or sustains the lens, if you have an additional lens on your camera.

Keep the camera near your body in order to have more stability if you are using a viewfinder. If you have an LCD screen try and hold it as close to you as you can at about 30 centimetres from your face, keeping your arms close to your sides.


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