A photographer makes captures beauty in his lenses, makes an art out of nothing, and becoming a photographer is not an easy task.

It is common knowledge that the true photography artist is becoming a photographer the second he or she has the power to create personalities out of ordinary people, to create personal brands for insignificant human beings and together with a PR specialist to set trends, telling the common folk what is good, what is bad and what is worth it in the world.

Becoming a photographer steps a bit forward from purchasing a professional camera, knowing how to work the exposure, handling filters or mastering post procession.

The above are just technical stuff that makes a person perfectly equipped to take a shot at the reality and call it photography.

Becoming a photographer is making a name out of the way your photography art is presenting the world. The photographer is self taught and educated making his world a unique story, creating his art in a perfectly natural and original way.

Becoming a photographer does not require teachers or mentors because he cannot possibly allow himself copy anybody else, but he is for certain required to follow the courses of a photography school.

Usually a true photographer admires the arts of others but does his best to make his own art different

While becoming a photographer, the experience can come as a true turning point for a photography career.

A photographer in making is recommended to attend conferences that can unveil certain techniques, keeping in mind to not allow anything he learns to interfere with his very own perspective.

Becoming a photographer means you have to work on your resume. That resume must contain a photography school, the photography workshops you attended, the awards you must set as a goal to conquer and certain pieces you achieved to see worthy of being published.

An outstanding resume is of course the dream of any photographer but anybody who wants to become an artist in this branch must be aware that this resume can push his art to the highest levels of being known.

Becoming a photographer is creating a portfolio and making an opinion and creating them you must focus on a certain path to set your work on.

Keep in mind that a true photographer is not shooting everything but rather focuses on a specific area where he feels his muse resides and where he can create the masterpieces that will make his art stand out.


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