Successful PhotographerAs a beginner in photography you must have attended classes in photography and found the different ways to make yourself a better photographer [Tips for beginner photographer].

But, there are certain important things to memorize to make yourself a better photographer.

All these techniques are heard by you some where and you know them very well. But, this information stacks the techniques together and makes easy for you to memorize [Techniques to take digital pictures].

These basic things are known to every one but often forget to remember. Even the professional photographers, forget these techniques and make mistakes. By reading this, you can just brush-up your techniques and give a boost up to the photography.

Things to remember for clicking great pictures:

Enjoy what you are shooting: Enjoy the work you are doing, then itself the work gets completed. How can you click images those are not interesting to you? How can you make those pictures interesting? Love the work you are doing to create great images. Every work has pros and cons; by highlighting the advantages you will get satisfaction in the work you are doing.

Be well prepared for your photo shoot: When you are shooting in a forest and recognize that you forgot your lens, this would be the worst experience for a photographer. For making your photo shoot complete, you need all the accessories with you. While shooting, if you realize that your battery is running out of power, this will frustrate you. Be sure with all the accessories for your photo shoot.

Don’t start because your friend started: Photography is a creative job, start if you want to start. Don’t start because your friend or colleague started. Many start photography to become a rock star overnight. You should not do this as no one can become a rock star overnight.

Always have patience: Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get a right shot. Be patient and cool for the right shot. Becoming frustrated will ruin your shoot and make your day unsuccessful.

Don’t overestimate or underestimate yourself: Be loyal to yourself. Don’t exaggerate your efficiency. Be yourself and concentrate on your work. Be dedicated to your work. Don’t underestimate yourself. By following these rules, you can get great pictures.

Keep your camera clean: Your dedication towards your work shows the way you maintain your accessories. Keep your camera and its accessories clean. It not only shows your interest on your work but also create an ease in working with your accessories.

Be yourself: Never compare your work with other photographers, be yourself and maintain a separate style in working. By comparing your work with other photographer, you will rank yourself in a better or worse way. When comparing with other photographers who are above you, you tend to copy their styles and forget your own style in photography. Be yourself and bring out your own creativity.

Get inspiration: Masters in photography also go blank without ideas for clicking images. Check other photographer’s work to get inspiration. But be sure that you do not copy their style of clicking images. Get only inspiration, do not copy their work [Inspirational ideas to add creativity].

Criticize your work: You should be the first critic for your photos, be loyal to yourself and criticize your work in a respectable way. Ask your wife or friends to criticize your images. This often gives you an idea of your work.

Get feed back: Read the feed back regularly and respond to their feed back. The feed back can be in any state, be cool. You may get a feed back criticizing your work and the other one praising you. Be cool in both the states.

Successful PhotographerTake time to become a good photographer: The first shot you click will not make you a great photographer.

Famous photographer like Henri Cartier-Bresson also struggled to become great photographer.

His first 10,000 photographs were the worst lacking all the basics.

so, be patient and click as many photographs as you want and then scrutinize them into good, better, worst and see your capacity to click photographs.

Work with best equipments: If you can afford buying, get the best equipments in the market which make you a professional photographer. For e.g.: If you have a problem with the shakes in the camera, you can buy an anti-shake camera, which reduces the shakes while taking the images.

Review your photos: Regular review of your photographs make you learn what you have shot and what you have missed. The more review of your photos give you different interesting ideas in clicking the new images. By reviewing your own photos, you can come up with different ideas and themes in taking the images.

Learn from your mistakes: Mistakes are made by every one, but experts learn from their mistakes and make their work better. So, make mistakes and learn from your mistakes. Do not stop your work thinking that you are making many mistakes. Often new techniques and patterns come out from mistakes. You never know your mistake can bring out a different technique in photography.

Know your accessories: This is an old statement, but useful statement. Know your camera and its accessories. If you start searching for functions in the menus when you find a great scene or want to click a portrait of children playing, this will ruin the shot and make the photography a boring job.

Learn all the functions of the accessories before starting the photography job. Do not waste your time in searching for options when a beautiful shot comes your way. You must able to recognize the function and accessories in the night time, when there is no source of light. This helps you in shooting a wild animal at night times in forest.

Quality in the pictures: When you are clicking the images, be sure you get the pictures in great quality. If the quality is under grade, you feel disappointed and feel like quitting the job. So, when you are clicking an image, be sure that you give maximum importance to the quality. Adjust the contrast setting, aperture, ISO, focal length and give your best shot.

Get dirty: Do not be afraid of getting dirty in your work. When you are shooting in a rural area, it’s for sure that you will get dirty with all mud stains. Do not be over conscious about neatness and miss beautiful shots. Sometimes getting dirty also pays.

Always be before: When you are shooting sunrise or sunset, be before the time. The time can help you in working for your arrangements. For adjusting your attachments, you need time. So, be there before half an hour as this time gives you a time to relax and make necessary arrangements.

Experiment with shots: Never be happy with a single shot. Experiment with your camera and the modes it is providing. Experimenting with your camera in different modes helps to know which camera option is best for a shot.

By adding a little originality and creativity to your work, you can always flourish in the photography field.


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