blurred photosEven a state of the art digital camera needs careful handling and although point and click works most of the time sometimes a little bit of effort is required to avoid blurred results.

Commonly it is camera shake that makes a picture blurred, this happens because as the shutter opens an image is captured on the sensor of the camera (referred to as CCD).

If there is any movement, objects will end up moving around this sensor at the very moment that the exact process to catch the image takes place. Hence the blurry result.

If the shot is of particular importance it will be better to switch to taking the image with settings on manual. Practice holding your camera so you will find a comfortable position that will be more secure. Ideally you should hold it firmly with both hands and you will feel your equipment against your face.

As with all photography practice is everything and often blurred photographs only occur when people are new to photography or getting used to a new camera. Camera shake is the classic beginner error after forgetting to take the lens cap off.

It is well worth experimenting with the different settings, including reading up in the manual, there will be functions that are very useful but you won’t know about them otherwise.

If you are confident and experienced with your choice digital camera the next time a once in a lifetime scenario comes up you will be ready and waiting for that special moment. Lights, camera and action!



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