Eric Cheng is one of the most famous underwater photographers of our times. He has been almost everywhere on the planet, to dive capture his famous images, which made his works pieces of art.

The professional is now giving several advices how to create your perfect underwater image, in case you want to specialize in this matter.

One of the most important things for any underwater photographer is to realize he doesn’t possess the same goods as the other photographers on the ground.

The shooting will be without using postproduction techniques like HDR due to the environment. Instead of this, anyone who will make images underwater needs to get the light right at the point of capture.

According to Cheng this isn’t easy and takes a lot of effort, but it goes well with practicing. Another difficult part for underwater photography is that the photographer will have to focus on a constantly moving objects and environment in low light.

The best what you can do in this situation is to use the right lenses, given the fact you cannot use telephoto lens. The diving gears of the photographers are heavy and require certain order, especially if you want to find anything you need as fast as possible.

Another issue is learning to dive. There are already schools, who will teach you to dive and make underwater images, but still Cheng claims it is all question of sense and practice.


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