The majority of the families have some kind of pet that they wish to have photos taken of. In order to get things right, you have to know about animal photography tips and techniques that will make your job easier and will ensure that you will have shots which will please the owners.


Don’t forget that when taking shots of animals you have to act very quickly. This is why it is best to go for the auto mode. Choosing aperture priority is a good idea because you will have more control of the depth of field. If you have consistent light you can also choose manual exposure.


The tips and tricks of animal photography tell you that in case of static shots it is best to have a wide aperture so that the background will become blurred and the animal will be in the center of attention. In case of action shots, it is best to choose a small aperture to have depth of field.

Shutter Speed

When it comes to the animal photography tips and techniques in case of the static shots the shutter speed just has to ensure that your hand won’t shake. A slower speed is also a good idea even if it is possible for the animal to move because it will make the picture more dynamic.


If you are interested in the animal photography tips and tricks keep in mind that fur is difficult to meter from. White fur reflects light while dark fur absorbs it. If you have a black and white animal, you will have to adjust exposure, while in case of a black animal you will have to think about negative exposure compensation.

Focus Mode

To catch the pet in action, the animal photography tips and techniques advise you to use a continuous AF mode. This way the camera will refocus on the animal as it moves. It is also important for you to be able to take shots at all times, even if the camera isn’t focused.

Camera and Lens

In order to use the animal photography tips and techniques you can have just any kind of DSLR camera. Although it will be difficult to catch the animal in action, it should be no problem for you to take static shots. Documentary style pictures need standard lens while dynamic pictures need telephoto lens.


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