Many photos are ruined by blur, which is usually a result of camera shake. However, you can’t always steady the digital camera with a tripod or other type of camera accessory, but you can cut down on camera shake if you learn the best way to hold your camera.

If you hold it with your fingertips there’s a good chance that the camera will shake, especially if your arms are extended in front of you. The trick to keeping it steady is to make the camera “heavier.” The best way to do this is to use your whole hand.

Anchor Your Camera To Your Body To Reduce Shaking

It’s a good idea to hold it with the palms of both of your hands, and not the fingertips. Just make sure you aren’t blocking the flash or the lens. You can then anchor the camera to your body by holding your elbows to your chest and not at your side. This means there’s little opportunity for your arms to move.

If you can steady your body against a solid object such as a wall, it will cut down on your body movement. You can also do this by sitting or lying if it’s applicable. The main thing is to keep the camera and your body steady. While there are a lot of tips floating around how to hold a cameraproperly, it’s a good idea to experiment yourself to see what works the best for you.


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