In case you are interested in creating dynamic landscapes you should know that there is no clear definition on what it is. Some say that it is an image that manages to capture the scale and energy of the natural world. In the majority of the cases these images look like they are more than 2D; they appear to have more depth.

Creating Dynamic Landscapes


This is the backbone of the picture. The main purpose of an image is to draw the eye of the viewer and to keep it there. There are some elements that the picture ought to have: converging or leading lines, interesting perspective, tonal control, suggestion of movement, vivid colors, and great light.

Converging and Leading Lines

In order for a picture to be able to lead the eye of the viewer, there is need for lines that guide the eyes. This is why there are so many people taking shots of rivers, roads, and wharves. Even though it may sound as a cliché, you can use this method to create a photographic eye.

Interesting Perspective

You have to change your perspective in order to achieve something extraordinary. You have to get closer to the ground or to the sky. The perspective becomes even more obvious in the moment you start using ultraviolet lenses. You should be looking for ways to climb higher to gain a bird’s perspective.

Foreground Elements

It is important for the dynamic image to have foreground elements. In order to make a photo more interesting you should have something in the lower half of the image. It is best if the foreground element has some leading lines. These are the pictures that are worth the most.

Background Elements

Some of the photographers start with the back. First they find their subject. Then they start looking for a foreground element that would complement the subject. The foreground element should support the interest of the viewer, while the background element is supposed to be the element that the eyes can rest on.

Light and Vivid Colors

Although it is tempting to use vivid colors, you have to make sure that there is balance in the image. It is best not to fill the frame with a lot of (meaningless) color. If there is too much color, the picture will end up looking like an artificial one, created with the help of Photoshop and this is something you should avoid.

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