A photographer’s best friend can often be an official press pass. These passes will allow you tophotograph events from prime locations. They’re excellent for concerts and sporting events as you don’t have to sneak in your small point-and-shoot digital camera. Most venues offer plenty of room for you to get some excellent shots.

However, you can’t just show up to the event with a press badge stuck to your shirt. You need to apply for a pass from the organizers or promoters of the event. Don’t waste your money buying unofficial press passes as they’re not going to do you any good.


You’ll have to send in an application asking for a press pass well in advance. First off, you need to find out which company is handling requests for media credentials.

You can also inquire through the venue’s public relations department. But remember, many requests will be turned down, depending on the size and popularity of the event.

Most passes are given to legitimate media andphotography agencies such as AP, Getty Images, and Reuters.

However, events that are just being launched may be easier to access as they usually are looking for ways to gain publicity wherever they can.

One way to have a shot at getting a press pass is to visit a local publication or internet site and ask to speak to the photo editor or editor and ask them if they’re interested in your freelance services. Make sure to take some of your best samples along to show them your work.

Some editors may be interested and others may not. Don’t let this deter you though as you can try more than one publication. If you’re perseverant it could pay off.

Don’t be afraid to keep contacting them to show your latest work. If you’re lucky they may start using some of your shots and could even ask you to cover events for them.

If they do, remember to act in a professional manner at all times. This means – treat the assignment as a job and don’t ask for autographs, etc.

Remember, each event will require a different press pass, but you may be able to secure one from a specific venue that covers all events.


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