No place is boring if you have a camera in your hand. Photography is a passion for many individuals but it is not that easy as it seems. As a beginner, you need to learn the basics of photography before taking it up as a passion or profession.

The first thing is buying a suitable camera. It doesn’t mean that if your friend owns a DSLR, you will need the same. Set your priority while selecting a camera. After it is done, now it’s time to learn a few tips, which you will require as a beginner in photography. Read on to find out more.

8 Top Beginner Photography Tips

1. Learn to blur the background

This is the trick which every beginner aspires to learn to click a picture like a pro. It is a mechanism that helps to keep your object focused, and the background is kept blurred. For this first, you need to set your camera to aperture priority mode. In the next step set your aperture with F stops. Thirdly it must be kept in mind that your object of focus is at a distance from the background. Longer lens camera is helpful for clicking blurred images. But if you don’t have one then move back and zoom in on your object. Now focus and take the perfect shot.

2. Understand the basic rules of composition

As a beginner, you will first need to understand the basic rules of composition, i.e., the rule of three and shooting images from level. Rule of three is seen as the basic rule of photography. It is simply a grid format that helps you to click images like a pro. In the second rule, we often tend to shoot images from the place we are standing. So if someone is smaller or taller than you, then you are disrupting their images. It is advisable to shoot from the eye level even if you have to lie on the floor.

3. Learn how to use light

A good photograph comes from the adequate amount of light source. As a photographer, you will need to adjust the light according to the requirement of the photograph. Too much of light can destroy your image while darkness can ruin it too. So there must a perfect balance between the two. If there is darkness, then move your object towards light like near a window or balcony.

4. Practice Photograph daily

Practice makes a man perfect. It is not that you can shoot images like a professional, but by practicing it on a daily basis; you will surely improve your skills. Moreover, with practice, you will get accustomed to the buttons and get an idea of the angle from which you need to shoot the accurate image.

5. Check out for photography websites

To get a clear understanding of photography functions, you can browse through the multiple free photography sites, which are available on social media. These sites will help you understand the different perspective of photography. You can even join free photography courses for the beginners.

6. Shoot in RAW

All of us are familiar with the JPEG format of photography. Well, it suits when you are clicking on your smartphone. But with a DSLR in your hand try to shoot images in RAW. This will give your tremendous flexibility while editing the images. It will give the image a professional touch. But it requires hard work and practice to become a pro at shooting objects in RAW.

7. Work on a planned learning path

An idea of taking up photography may seem to be overwhelming, but there are failures and atrocities associated with it.  When starting it, you will be barged with an ample lot of information. So you need to plan to proceed further. It is not possible to grasp all the knowledge in one day. So go step by step to understand the various angles of photography.

8. Be Patient

Patience is the underlying key to become a great photographer. You need to understand that on day one it is not possible for you to get the perfect image as you desired for. Years of hard work and practice is required to become a Pro. So don’t lose hope if initially, you are failing. Because remember failure is the key to success. Take your steps gradually and grasp all the techniques of photography with due course of time.

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