The urge for most people, when visiting a new place, is to try to capture every beautiful frame with their camera.

The problem, however, comes later when they discover that they have failed to capture the original beauty, as photographs can never be as perfect as the real thing.

Capturing a memorable image of a new place is difficult enough, but doing it while traveling is even more difficult.

The challenge for photographers is to capture the original essence and show some variety in the picture.

If traveling photographs don’t have variety, they look mundane and fail to reflect a new experience. Here’s how to add variety to your traveling pictures and keep them eternally exciting:

1. Think differently: Take a few minutes to ponder your usual modus operandi when traveling. When left in a new place with a camera, do you immediately start photographing every tourist attraction? If you really think about it, you’ll realize you are just one of many of a crowd of people targeting the same mundane subject, which is available online anyway.

Try to think differently and look for anomalies in the surroundings, or unusual aspects of the famous location which would go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

2. Experiment with angles: Every picture looks different from a different angle. Use your imagination and try to shoot the picture from a new angle to add an original dimension to your photographs. While changing the angle can, however, lose some of the detail, so take care that in adding creativity, you don’t lose important detail.

3. Go local: If you are traveling in a new place, research the location well beforehand and get into the local culture. By taking photographs of the local culture and seeing things through the eyes of local people, you will get a different perspective from the usual touristic one. Images with a local, more personal flavour can only add enchantment to your traveling album.

4. Memorialize fellow travelers: A mistake many people often only realize months after returning from their travels is that they have no photographs of their fellow travelers.

Besides bringing memories alive of the actual event and details that are stored in your memory, photographs of fellow travelers add vivacity to your photograph album. If your co-travelers have cultural differences, all the better: it adds color and variety.

5. Wide angle images: While it is common knowledge that wide angle images are better for landscapes, photographing a close-range image in wide angle can add an extremely interesting dimension to the way you see the world and the way it appears in your album. Use it to get an unusual angle on streets, architecture and portraits [Portrait Images].


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