Waterfall Photography TipsGood waterfall pictures will create good impression in your mind. Don’t think that a professional photographer only takes the better pictures of waterfalls.

It’s a wrong belief! Even you can also take the better waterfall pictures with certain tips while taking photographs.

Here are some of the tips which are useful for you to take waterfall-photos:

  • Maintain Shutter speed
  • Use Tripod
  • Appropriate Lighting
  • Practice
  • Technique

Maintain Shutter speed: Each and every digital camera will have shutter speed. You can adjust that shutter speed to required level according to the location and the type of object which you have to take photo.

Coming to the waterfall photos, you should adjust the shutter speed in slow mode. That means you should take the waterfall images in slow shutter speed to obtain better results.

Use Tripod: Bring tripod along with you if you like to shoot waterfall photos. Generally tripod will avoid the shakings which acquire at the time of taking a snap. Usually you have to be steady in all aspects if you don’t have tripod while taking waterfall-photos.

A little bit of move or shaking will spoil your snap. In order to avoid this situation, better go for tripod. Tripod will be helpful for you to take the pictures in the steady mode.

Appropriate Lighting: Proper lighting is necessary to take the better pictures. Certainly you will not get good pictures if you don’t have proper lighting. Before taking the photos of waterfall, you should know which type of lighting is suitable to take the better pictures.

Don’t take the pictures in bright light i.e., in the mid-day. This lighting will get the overexposure of the picture and you will not be able to set the speed of the shutter below 1/30 seconds.

The better time option to shoot the pictures of waterfall is sunset time or when the sun has gone behind the trees.

This lighting will not reflect or overexposure the picture and if you take the snap in the right way, certainly you will obtain better pictures with good clarity levels.

Practice: Without practice you will not achieve better results. Don’t feel nervous if you are not able to get the photos in the nice manner for the first time.

Try to remember one thing in mind while taking the photos i.e. “practice makes man perfect.” So, try and try until you get the best pictures.

Technique: Certain tips and techniques are necessary to follow in photography regarding lighting, setting various modes, etc. So, make note of these tips and try to implement them in the right way to increase your skills in photography.



  1. Shooting waterfalls is new to me and I just wanted to get some good tips. I have read the above and that is awesome.love the picture on this post!

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