Any photographer loves to create Christmas photos. These are family images, which keep the memories, that’s why this kind of photography is so important.


Here are few tips how to create beautiful holiday photos. The most important part is to determine the source of the lighting.

1. You should know what kind of lighting you are dealing with. It can be natural, fluorescent, light bulb, candles or tungsten. The white balance is another part you should be concerned about. Switch the white balance to flash, despite of the lighting in the room.


2. When you are not sure about when you have to use the white balance, simply use the automatic camera settings for the white balance. The family photos are often around the table.

3. Take a look at the seating arrangements before taking the photo. If the room is with rectangular table, take the photo facing the wide end of the rectangle and choose a wide angle setting. This way you will capture everyone at the table. The so called test shots will help you to practice before the event.

4. If you are not pleased by the photos, you can use a program. Use the shoot-examine-adjust settings and cycle for better pictures.


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