Dull and amorphous skies are weak points when taking landscape photographs.

On the other hand, even a dark blue sky can look uninteresting for photographing, while well-defined, interesting cloud formations can make ordinary images look unique and special.

No special techniques are required to photograph good cloud pictures.

However, depending on the type of clouds, the right type of lens can greatly enhance good pictures of clouds. Here are few tips for taking the best pictures of clouds:

  1. It is essential to keep your camera rock-solid when you press the shutter release. Use a tripod or rest the camera against a solid object wherever possible. Practice holding the camera firmly and moving only your finger to activate the shutter release.
  2. Use a polarizing filter to increase the contrast between clouds and background sky. This can greatly enhance the image of the cloud.
  3. Remember clouds are always changing, and disappear into invisible vapors and reappear in visible form. So, click and catch the moment immediately as and when you see a good scene.

By learning the art of composition and combining it with these simple tips, you will be able to greatly enhance the experience of taking beautiful pictures of clouds.


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